A (belated) postcard from London

This morning I went through my notes from June, from when I was researching at the London Metropolitan Archives and the Institute of Race Relations. Among these notes I found this photo. It was taken during my brief excursion to Brick Lane on a Sunday afternoon:


I received the 2014 Provost’s Summer Research Award from The Graduate Center, CUNY. Because of this award, I was able to go on an archival research trip to London. I am immensely grateful to have had this experience. I found some material that will go into my dissertation and, perhaps, a future project focusing on the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent (OWAAD).

Weeks after my first visit to London, I still find difficulty in precisely describing what I felt before landing in Heathrow. Excitement doesn’t seem sufficient—indeed, it was much more than just anticipation and eagerness. So I’ll scribble and run the scene instead: the pilot reports the estimated time of arrival, he speaks with an accent and so do I. I return to my book, reread the page “as people will when their desires become words”—it’s from the chapter “June Second 1910—” and I remember that today is also and again June 2nd!


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