Short Essays, Reviews, Journalism, and Interviews

“Conversation with Jackie Sibblies Drury, author of MARYS SEACOLE.” Lincoln Center Theater Blog . Mar. 22, 2019. Part 1and Part 2.

Mary Seacole Travels to the Present,” Program notes for LCT3 production of Marys Seacole. February 2019.  

Where We Can Breathe Independently Together,The Margins, Asian American Writers’ Workshop. 15 June 2018.
Reflections on racialization in the US, college admissions and the model minority myth, and my commencement speech to the 2018 graduating class of The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

On Inheritance and Reinvention,” Small Axe Salon. June 2017.
A review essay on Elizabeth Nunez’s 2016 novel Even in Paradise, a novel that employs the plot of King Lear as an allegory for postcolonial conditions and social realities in the contemporary Anglophone Caribbean.

Review of Sancho: An Act of Remembrance, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research. Summer 2016.
A review essay on the one-man play written and performed by Paterson Joseph, Royal Shakespeare Company member and co-star of the British sitcom Peep Show. The play is inspired by the life and times of Ignatius Sancho, an eighteenth-century writer and Londoner of the African diaspora.

 “Conjugating Lines of Beauty,Small Axe Salon. 22 October 2014.
A review essay on David Dabydeen’s Johnson’s Dictionary, a 2013 novel that brings together print culture, marginalized historical figures, narrative fragments of the eighteenth-century that underscore the presence and lives of black people in the early Anglo-Atlantic world.

…These Ghosts Rise Up,” Warscapes Magazine. 29 July 2014.
A short piece on independent filmmaker Richard Ledes’ Golden Dawn, NYC, a documentary about the rise of Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi political party in Greece that grew after the 2008 financial crisis and the political party’s presence in Astoria, New York.

Mentoring Future Faculty of Color: A Brief Conversation with Chris Eng and Melissa Phruksachart,The Graduate Center Advocate. 1 May 2014.
A conversation about a CUNY collective of graduate students invested in critical diversity work in the university.

Revolutionary Lives of the Atlantic,Small Axe Salon. 16 December 2011.
A review essay on historian Jane G. Landers’s Atlantic Creoles in the Age of Revolutions, a 2010 study that recovers a cohort of Afro-Atlantic figures whose actions between 1760 and 1850 were documented because of their roles in monarchical, religious, and military institutions.

Richard Ledes on Haiti and Horror Movies,” Social Text Journal. 2 August 2010.
A discussion with independent filmmaker Richard Ledes on the 2008 financial crisis, and the place and influences of Haiti in the US horror movie tradition.